CLCM Auto Services Ltd

Address: 11 Bankhead Drive, Edinburgh, EH11 4EJ

Telephone: 0131 603 4229


Company Information

CLCM Auto Services Ltd, a renowned alloy wheel refurbishment centre, is proudly located in the vibrant city of Edinburgh. With their expertise and dedication, they have earned a stellar reputation among vehicle owners not only in Edinburgh but also in nearby towns like Livingston, Dunfermline, and Musselburgh.

At CLCM Auto Services Ltd, their team of skilled professionals is committed to transforming the aesthetics of alloy wheels, restoring them to their former glory. Having understood the importance of wheels in defining a vehicle’s appearance, CLCM Auto Services Ltd offers top-quality refurbishment services utilizing advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, CLCM Auto Services Ltd provides personalized solutions tailored to meet specific requirements. Whether faced with minor scratches, corrosion, curb damage, or more extensive wheel deterioration, their experts possess the knowledge and skills to undertake any refurbishment challenge, breathing new life into your alloy wheels.

What sets CLCM Auto Services Ltd apart is their commitment to excellence. Their attention to detail, combined with years of experience in the industry, ensures that every wheel refurbishment project is carried out to the highest standards. By using premium materials and latest technological advancements, they guarantee a superior finish that will enhance both the appearance and value of your vehicle.

Conveniently located at 11 Bankhead Drive, Edinburgh, EH11 4EJ, CLCM Auto Services Ltd invites you to visit their facility and witness firsthand the exceptional craftsmanship they offer. Alternatively, you can reach out to their friendly team by calling 0131 603 4229. Trust CLCM Auto Services Ltd to provide you with outstanding alloy wheel refurbishment that will surpass your expectations.

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