Drive by Tyres Ltd

Address: 109 Woodside Avenue, Benfleet, SS7 4NU

Telephone: 07761 843137


Company Information

Located in the vibrant town of Benfleet, Drive by Tyres Ltd stands as a prominent alloy wheel refurbishment centre that caters to the diverse needs of car enthusiasts across the area. With their unrivaled expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results, Drive by Tyres Ltd has established themselves as a go-to destination for all alloy wheel refurbishment requirements.

At Drive by Tyres Ltd, they pride themselves on their team of highly skilled technicians who possess an innate passion for restoring alloy wheels to their former glory. Whether your wheels have fallen victim to scratches, scuffs, or curb damage, Drive by Tyres Ltd’s specialists possess the necessary prowess to rejuvenate them to their original condition, showcasing their meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship. With a comprehensive range of refurbishment techniques and premium finishes, they ensure that your alloy wheels not only look flawless but also enhance the overall aesthetic of your vehicle.

Conveniently situated in Benfleet, Drive by Tyres Ltd caters to an expansive clientele, extending their exceptional services to surrounding towns such as South Benfleet, Hadleigh, and Thundersley. These areas, teeming with car enthusiasts, rely on Drive by Tyres Ltd’s expertise to elevate the appearance and performance of their vehicles, showcasing the undeniable trust and reputation they have built within the local community.

Looking to visit or contact Drive by Tyres Ltd? You can find their state-of-the-art facility at 109 Woodside Avenue, Benfleet, SS7 4NU. Alternatively, feel free to give them a call on 07761 843137 to discuss your specific alloy wheel refurbishment needs. With Drive by Tyres Ltd, you can trust that your cherished wheels are in capable hands, ready to be transformed into stunning pieces of automotive art.

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