Address: Unit 3 Delamare Rd, Waltham Cross, EN8 9SU

Telephone: 07711 132374


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LondonMoto: Revitalizing Your Wheels with Precision and Craftsmanship

If you’re searching for a dedicated alloy wheel refurbishment centre in Waltham Cross, look no further than LondonMoto. Renowned for their exceptional service and attention to detail, LondonMoto takes great pride in breathing new life into worn-out alloys, transforming them into stunning works of art.

Nestled in the heart of Waltham Cross, LondonMoto exemplifies the artistry of wheel refurbishment. With their expert team of professionals, they strive to deliver the highest quality results to customers who demand nothing less than perfection. Whether your alloy wheels have succumbed to the elements, encountered unsightly curb damage, or simply lost their original lustre, LondonMoto possesses the skill and precision to restore them effortlessly.

While LondonMoto’s primary location is in Waltham Cross, their services extend beyond its borders to several neighboring towns. Cheshunt, Enfield, and Broxbourne are just a few of the areas benefitting from the unrivaled expertise of LondonMoto. By providing an extensive range of refurbishment options, LondonMoto caters to a diverse clientele, ensuring that customers in these surrounding towns too can experience the remarkable craftsmanship that the centre is renowned for.

LondonMoto’s team of dedicated professionals possesses a wealth of experience in alloy wheel refurbishment and utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to breathe new life into your wheels. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, LondonMoto guarantees that your wheels will be restored to their former glory, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your vehicle.

To experience the unparalleled service that LondonMoto is renowned for, they invite you to their premises at Unit 3 Delamare Rd, Waltham Cross, EN8 9SU. Alternatively, you can reach out to their friendly team by calling 07711 132374. LondonMoto is ready to address all your alloy wheel refurbishment needs, ensuring that your wheels make a statement wherever you go.

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