Olympus Autobody

Address: 5 Links St, Aberdeen, AB11 5EX

Telephone: 01224 581820

Website: https://www.olympusautobody.co.uk/

Company Information

Introducing Olympus Autobody, the premier alloy wheel refurbishment centre located in the vibrant city of Aberdeen. Nestled in the heart of Scotland, this exemplary establishment has earned a stellar reputation for its unrivaled expertise in restoring alloy wheels to their former glory. Serving not only the residents of Aberdeen but also the surrounding towns such as Peterhead, Stonehaven, and Ellon, Olympus Autobody has become the go-to destination for all alloy wheel refurbishment needs.

With a team of highly skilled technicians who possess an intricate understanding of the craft, Olympus Autobody prides itself on delivering exceptional results. Whether your alloy wheels have succumbed to unsightly scratches, curb damage, or corrosion due to the unpredictable Scottish weather, these experts utilize cutting-edge techniques and industry-leading equipment to breathe new life into your wheels. The meticulous attention to detail displayed by the technicians at Olympus Autobody guarantees flawless finishes that will exceed your expectations.

At Olympus Autobody, customer satisfaction is at the core of their ethos. Whether you are a passionate car enthusiast seeking a pristine aesthetic for your vehicle or a commercial client aiming to maintain a professional and polished fleet, the team at Olympus Autobody will go above and beyond to meet your requirements. With their commitment to excellence and dedication to providing a reliable service, they have garnered a loyal customer base that spans across Aberdeen and its neighboring towns.

Conveniently located at 5 Links St, Aberdeen, AB11 5EX, Olympus Autobody is easily accessible for those residing in the area. Their state-of-the-art facility is equipped to handle all types of alloy wheels with utmost care and precision. Alternatively, if you wish to discuss your refurbishment needs or seek professional advice, their friendly team can be reached on 01224 581820.

When it comes to alloy wheel refurbishment in Aberdeen and its surroundings, Olympus Autobody stands tall as the trusted name. Place your faith in their expertise, and watch as your alloy wheels are transformed to their former glory, providing you with a renewed sense of pride and confidence.

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