RH Autos Car Body Repair

Address: Raynesway, Derby, DE21 7BQ

Telephone: 07476 383406

Website: https://rh-autos-car-body-repair.business.site/

Company Information

RH Autos Car Body Repair is a leading alloy wheel refurbishment centre, dedicated to providing exceptional services to the residents of Derby and its nearby towns. Specializing in restoring the shine and aesthetics of alloy wheels, our skilled technicians utilize state-of-the-art techniques and industry-leading equipment to deliver outstanding results every time.

Located in Derby, our reputable centre caters to the automotive needs of customers from various localities, including but not limited to Alvaston, Chellaston, Littleover, and Mickleover. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us a loyal client base throughout these areas.

At RH Autos Car Body Repair, we understand the importance of having perfectly polished wheels that complement your vehicle’s overall appearance. With our unrivaled expertise, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including alloy wheel refurbishment, color customization, diamond cutting, and powder coating. Whether your wheels have suffered from curb damage, corrosion, or simply require a sleek new look, our team is dedicated to restoring them to their former glory.

Our highly skilled technicians possess a wealth of experience and a meticulous eye for detail, enabling them to deliver precise and flawless refurbishment services. Using top-of-the-line equipment and employing advanced techniques, we ensure that your alloy wheels not only regain their original luster but also stay protected against future damage.

Convenience and customer satisfaction are at the core of our business philosophy. Situated at Raynesway in Derby, our centrally located facility is easily accessible from various parts of town. Alternatively, if you have any queries or wish to schedule an appointment, our friendly team is just a phone call away. Reach us at 07476 383406, and our dedicated staff will be more than happy to assist you.

For unparalleled alloy wheel refurbishment services in Derby and surrounding areas, choose RH Autos Car Body Repair. Trust us to transform your wheels, enhancing the overall aesthetics and value of your vehicle. Visit us at Raynesway, Derby, DE21 7BQ, or give us a call today.

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